Vegan adventures around the world

Back in Berlin

After my whirlwind and very hectic visit to Istanbul I arrived back in Berlin pretty tired. I still had a very long list of vegan restaurants I wanted to eat at and only 3 more days to get through them all, but since I was still pretty stuffed from all the food in Turkey I decided to leave the list until the next day. I went for a bit of a walk around and after a while I ended up inside what was fast becoming one of my favourite vegan hangout spots, Goodies. It was the closest of all the vegan friendly cafes to where I was staying and since I had to walk past it to get pretty much anywhere else it seemed an obvious choice. It also opens early in the morning which I found quite useful for a quick bite to eat before the days adventures. I got a green smoothie, same as a few days ago, while I was ordering I also spotted a vegan avocado and lime cheese cake so I ended up with a piece of that too.

Avocado lime cheesecake from Goodies

Avocado lime cheesecake from Goodies

The cheesecake was really good, not overly sweet and very creamy and avocadoey.




Next morning after a  bit of tourist sightseeing I headed back to Friedrichshain for lunch at Yoyo food world. Like a lot of the 100% vegan places in Berlin, Yo Yo Food World has a bit of a punky, grungy, alternative atmosphere, with posters of various punk bands adorning the walls as well as some colourful modern artwork, the tattooed and pierced hipsters with asymmetrical haircuts hanging out inside look right at home. It’s fairly similar to Foodworld Vego (not sure if there’s a connection), not just in atmosphere and decor but the menu had quite a few things in common too. Burgers are the main thing people come o Yo Yo for, there are also a few salads to choose from and shakes, lassis and the usual soft drinks.

Lunch @Yo Yo food world

Lunch @Yo Yo food world

I got a cauliflower cheese burger with salad and fries and a mango shake (they were out of avocado shakes). The burger was pretty good, although a little tasteless but that was probably just because I got mine without tomato and ketchup, the fries and shake were a little better than the burger.

Yo Yo food world was pretty good and very reasonably priced but definitely isn’t one of my faves in Berlin, if there weren’t so many other amazing vegan restaurants in this city I’d probably have a higher opinion of it, but after sampled quite a few of the others I’m getting harder to impress.

Yo Yo Food World

Gartnerstrasse 27



Tofu Madagaskar and fried plantains.

Tofu Madagascar and fried plantains.

I tried the tofu Madagascar sandwich and some fried plantain, I also got a hibiscus juice. The sandwich was excellent, it had big chunks of spiced, marinated tofu with salad and a few different sauces I couldn’t identify and at only 3 euro it was definitely good value. The fried plantains and the hibiscus juice were really good too. The vegan plate also looked tempting, I’d eat here again anytime.

Nil Imbiss

Grunberger strasse 52



My last full day in Berlin had come already :(, this is one city I could happily stay for a while longer, but I was also excited to check out my next destination Prague too. After an hour or 2 of figuring out the logistics of trying to fit the increasingly large vegan food hoard I seemed to be accumulating into my bag, I ventured out to one of the vegan cafes that was top of the list. Freckles bakery and cafe.

I arrived there right on opening time and had to wait a few minutes for someone to appear and unlock the door, but once inside I knew I’d found something special.

Delicious looking cakes from Freckles

Delicious looking cakes from Freckles

It was a rather hard decision on what kind of cake to get, they all looked spectacular, but eventually decided on a slice of the GF apple, carrot and cinnamon cake. I also ordered the unusual and delicious sounding salted caramel cocoa, and a bowl of carrot and ginger soup to balance it out.


The salted caramel cocoa, was really good, quite an unusual flavour, sweet but quite salty and chocolatey at the same time.


I can be a bit of a vegan baking snob, and am not easily impressed by stuff just because it’s vegan. The apple and cinnamon cake from Freckles however, definitely gets my thumbs up. It was perfectly moist but light and fluffy at the same time which can be hard to achieve in GF baking. The icing was also excellent, it was really light and creamy but not overly sugary.


Excellent brunch at Freckles

Excellent brunch at Freckles

I had just expected a regular bowl of soup and was a little surprised when it came out looking so pretty. It tasted as good as it looked. In Berlin vegan are very spoiled for choice when it comes to vegan cake and desserts but out of all the ones I tried I think Freckles was one of the best ones. If you only go to a few places to eat in Berlin this should be one of them. 







Freckles vegan bakery and cafe

Nostitzstrasse 33 Kruezberg



After Freckles I went over to Mauer Park near Eberswalder strasse to check out the flea market that is held there every Sunday. Selling everything from used bikes to handmade clothing and antique furniture, not surprisingly I found lots of vegan food too.

Vegan soup

Vegan soup

All vegan Sun day burgers

All vegan sun day burger stall

I didn’t try either of them as I was anything but hungry but they both looked and smelled good.
















After another hour or so exploring the markets and the surrounding neighbourhood I decided to go and check out Kommerzpunk, another all vegan place around the corner, but on my way over I remembered that Sunday was the only day that they weren’t open for lunch so turned around and went to the vegetarian Vietnamese place I had just walked past 2 blocks back.It was entirely vegan except the smoothies which all had milk and yoghurt in them which I thought was a little weird considering how common soy is here, they could at least offer a non dairy option.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The pumpkin, taro and lotus seed soup sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try. It was quite tasty with big chunks of steamed taro in it and lots of lightly spiced coconut milk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also got a tofu and vegetable curry with rice noodles for the main. It was good too, nothing amazing but pretty run of the mill Vietnamese food.

Chay Viet

Brunnenstr. 164 (at Invalidenstr.)


I only had a few hours in the morning before my bus to Prague so my first stop was to Goodies for breakfast.



I got a slice of the apple, carrot and walnut loaf which was alright, although slightly doughy and undercooked, they did have some much nicer looking vegan cakes but since it was first thing in the morning I didn’t want anything too sugary. I’d been meaning to try the Cream apple pie drink for a while and since this was my last chance I got one. It was so good, and so simple I can’t believe I never thought of mixing apple sauce and cinnamon with hot soy milk before. It’s the perfect drink for a cold rainy morning.



I’d read some great reviews of this falafel shop and so stopped in there with all my bags on the way to the bus terminal, and I’m VERY glad I did. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall shop on a quiet back street near Schonleinstrasse, run by a sweet old Turkish (I think) lady who makes everything by hand fresh to order. All the reviews I’d read claimed it was the best falafel in berlin and after trying it I’d have to agree with them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I ordered the vegan halloumi falafel (yes vegan halloumi), and sat down to watch it carefully being made, all the veggie were chopped and grilled in front of me and even the falafel balls were made and fried specifically for each order. 15 minutes later I was handed a monster sized falafel wrap in exchange for a measly 4 euros, packed with countless kinds of grilled veggies including roasted brussels sprouts, herbs, halloumi, humus and some very delicious nut and herb paste, it was so full of flavour in every bite. The falafel balls themselves were some of the best I’ve ever had, with an intense herby flavour, they came close to beating the falafel I had in Egypt years ago.The falafel was so good as soon as I had finished it I ordered a second one to go for the bus ride. While I was waiting for my second falafel someone else ordered the vegan teller (vegan plate) which looked seriously impressive and huge, I’ll definitely be trying that next time.

Mo’s Kleiner Imbiss

Graefestrasse 9

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